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To maintain the functionality and long-term utility value of windows and doors once a year the following tasks must be done:

  • Fittings, especially locks and handles, should be checked regularly for operation and serviceability.
  • All moving parts, including hinges should be lubricated with a drop of Teflon oil.
  • Immediately wipe off excess oil with absorbent cloth. The same instructions also apply for fitting the windows of opening, folding, two-wing tilt and tilt-opening windows. For lubrication use colored oil, to prevent the formation of stains on plastic.
  • Check the seals regularly and replace damaged areas (with the appropriate gasket or assembly that can be ordered through the Service Forms).
  • Periodically check the drainage holes in the bottom of the frame (when blocked it may lead to leakage through the window). If necessary, clean, preferably using a vacuum.
  • Look at the surface of plastic profiles and clean them if necessary. Polishing and friction can cause a plastic electrostatic charge that attracts dust. Remove it by washing plastic profile with soapy water that that is left on the surface to dry.

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