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Windows by SULKO

Plastic, aluminium and wooden windows manufactured and supplied by SULKO are of Czech origin which guarantees a long service life. In addition, they are equipped with unique thermal insulating and construction properties, perfect for the requirements for modern living and the various shapes and sizes of both existing and new wall openings.

Plastic windows by SULKO
Plastic windows are known for their easy maintanance, long service-life, perfect functionality, thermal insulation and structural properties. We take pride in manufacturing our windows with modern design elements while providing a large range to choose from as far as colour, style and size are concerned. Our plastic windows are suitable for all types of buildings.
Aluminium windows by SULKO
Aluminium windows are increasing in popularity because of their high resistance to the elements. These windows are sturdy, durable, low-maintenance, safe and look fantastic. Aluminium windows incorporate an in-detail system solution and are ideal for large areas.
Wooden windows by SULKO
Wooden windows are mainly used in family homes due to their aesthetic qualities. One of the reasons they are a popular choice in reconstructed houses is that they have excellent thermal insulating characteristics and a modern look. For so called ‘’euro windows’’ a special wood is chosen for improved thermal, acoustic, insulation and protection against the elements.



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