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SULKO HR+ Plastic Window

Special solution for panel houses, energy-sustainable houses and regeneration of schools. They can be applied in all places where most windows run out of their construction depth whereas SULKO HR+ is only beginning.

Main Features

  • Unique frame with its construction depth of 115 mm
  • Ideal solution for panel houses
  • Easy embedding into thermal insulated houses
  • System for window-exchange in a dry way
Meets conditions subsidies on Green Savings
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Basic technical parameters:
Number of chambers: 5
Building depth: 115 mm

Windows are ideal for:

Apartment buildings
Prefabricated houses
Family homes
Commercial buildings
Historic buildings

Product Description
Technical details:
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Product Description Sulko HR+

It presents a unique solution for panel houses, energy-sustainable houses and last but not least, the regeneration of schools. Generally speaking, it can be applied in all places where most windows run out of their construction depth whereas SULKO HR+ is just beginning. Its special frame with a construction depth of 115 mm, visible height of 116 mm and non-linear finish eliminates all critical surface temperatures as far as lining of the window is concerned. In conjunction with the Climamat ventilation valve and thermal modules inserted into the anterior chamber this is the ideal solution for buildings with high demands for air exchange while maintaining high thermal insulation and acoustic properties.

The window is made with stop-seal system profiles in black or grey and the sloped glazing strips in the interior. Despite the fact, that it normally is equipped with double glazing units, triple glazing units can also be used. SULKO HR+ is produced in square shapes and specific colour shades.

What is truly exceptional in relation with its use for panel houses is its “dry” assembly. Without the need for masonry these windows can be installed in one apartment in one day.

Technical specifications

  • In comparison with standard ways of recovery, Sulko HR+ provides an easier and more cost-effective air circulation method.
  • In addition, it also satisfies the requirements of the 343/2009 notice to schools which sets regulations of air ventilation systems in schools.

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