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SULKO Profi + Plastic Window

With the thermal insulation system you will save a great deal in energy costs!

In case you are considering purchasing windows of a lower quality, you may have to take into account that you might end up paying much more money for their replacement in 20 –years’ time. Why not avoid unnecessary and get the best windows on the market instead?

Main Features

  • Top thermal transmittance of Uw = 0,55 W/m2K
  • Unbeatable money-saving amongst windows of standard dimensions
  • Windows that will still be providing top performance generation after generation
  • Windows that meet the requirements of EU environmental and energy saving standards of
Meets conditions subsidies on Green Savings
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Basic technical parameters:
Number of chambers: 6
Building depth: 86 mm With addition of central seals: yes

Windows are ideal for:

Apartment buildings
Prefabricated houses
Family homes
Commercial buildings
Historic buildings

Product Description
Technical details:
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Product Description SULKO Profi +

The best window on the market in that meets the high requirements of passive, energy-sustainable houses. A 6-chamber profile with central gasket system with a construction depth of 86 mm and visible height of 115 mm. They are supplied with black seal system profiles, sloped glazing strips in the interior and underlying Compacfoam profile system.

Standard sizes are available in a variety of colours whereas oversized models come only in white. They are fitted with a WK2 anti-burglary safety system and without steel reinforcement. The certified assembly meets the standards and legal requirements.

Technical specifications

  1. Thermal insulating triple glazing units
  2. Glazing seal
  3. Glazing sill
  4. Glazing pads
  5. Buffer pads
  6. Stop-seal system
  7. Central gasket system
  8. Thermo modules

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