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SULKO Optimo Line of Plastic Windows

The Optimo window presents a great innovation in terms of what the SULKO company offers and evokes an ideal combination of technical characteristics, contemporary looks and an affordable price.

Main Features

  • 6-chamber profile system with construction depth of 86 mm
  • Triple glazing units in standard finish
  • Suitable for passive as well as energy-sustainable houses
Meets conditions subsidies on Green Savings
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Basic technical parameters:
Number of chambers: 6
Building depth: 86 mm
Extra central gasket system: no

Windows are ideal for:

Apartment buildings
Prefabricated houses
Family homes
Commercial buildings
Historic buildings

Product Description
Technical details:
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Product Description SULKO Optimo Line

The Optimo Windows represent the latest novelty with relation to what the SULKO company offers and are characterised with a perfect combination of technical characteristics, modern looks as well as a good price. Its 6-chamber profile system with its construction depth of 86 mm and visible height of 115 mm guarantees excellent thermal, acoustic insulating and static qualities. The window is made with a stop seal system in a black or grey colour shade together with its sloped interior glazing strips. Triple glazing units is provided by standard embedding of the glass in the frame. Sulko Optimo is produced in squared shapes and all colour combinations.

Regarding its appearance, it is characterised with the return to traditional shapes of windows with clearly defined lines, sloped edges and clean aesthetic properties.

Its straight design stands out with its rounded edges of windows from other standard shapes and presents an ideal alternative to all those who would like to highlight their personality style with the choice of classical window design.

SULKO Optimo is well-suited to those who are looking for high demands in terms of its utility value of the product.

Technical specifications

  • Central gasket system
  • Modern profile looks
  • The perfect combination of its design and technical properties
  1. Insulating triple glazing units
  2. Deep embedding of the glass in the frame
  3. Glazing strips
  4. Glazing pad
  5. Flat-recessed pad
  6. Stop seal fitting system
  7. Central gasket system

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