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Assembly and transport

In order to meet all the high demands placed on the system of windows and doors by SULKO, professional installation is absolutely necessary and will provide secure anchor windows into the building opening and transfer all of the force to the external walls.

1. Dismantle the original windows and doors

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2. Removal and environmental disposal

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3. Installation of new windows and doors

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4. Masonry and cleaning work

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How to avoid frequent repairs and possible accidents

  • By ensuring structural design of the anchorage
  • A sufficient number of anchor points and suitable positioning
  • By using suitable anchors in a small area suitable for anchoring
  • The inclusion of solid shims in the corners of the windows and under the spacers, wherein the window must be supported by a solid material, preferably PVC or hardwood
  • Correct fitting of the window and its anchoring to polystyrene
  • Enough anchors at the bottom of the window sill
  • From the failure to mount by wet way the mason works on the interior …..

The method of anchoring that uses SULKO elements for the stability chambers integrated reinforcement system which was tested at the Institute for Window Technology in Rosenheim. Protection of the connection joints from moisture through the window foil and then the strands in cooperation ensure the implementation of the connection joints in the parameters TZI 4, thereby preventing impairment of sound attenuation windows of several decibels, which might otherwise occur as a result of poor installation.

Leave your window installation up to the professionals from the SULKO team, so you will be confident in the long term quality of functionality of new windows and doors.



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