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SULKO ProfiAl Gold Aluminium Window

SULKO ProfiAl Gold aluminium windows present a combination of excellent thermal insulating properties, long service-life, narrow visible width as well as a variety of forms and styles.

Perfect insulating system

thanks to the modular porous central gasket system.

Ideal for passive houses

The value of Uf of this profile reaches its amount of 0,7 W/m2K. The heat passage coefficient therefore makes up to 0,8 W/m2K. As a result, this is what makes SULKO ProfiAl Gold aluminium windows ideal for passive buildings. Construction depth of this profile system stands at 90 mm.

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Window profile system with optimal performance/price

Thermal transmittance of elements of Uw [W/m2K]až 0,8
Thermal transmittance of sash of Uf [W/m2K]až 0,7
Acoustic insulating system of up to [dB]až 48
Construction depth of sash/casement [mm]90/99
Construction depth of the profile [mm]90
Visible width of sash/frame + casement [mm]99
Maximum width of embedding of the glass sash/casement [mm]63/68
2-range seal system profile4
Appearance of glazing strips standard finish/an extra chargesquared / arched / sloped

Product Description
Technical details:
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Product Description SULKO ProfiAl Gold

SULKO ProfiAl Gold aluminium windows are characterised by top thermal insulating properties, long service-life, narrow visible width and last but not least construction variability. These windows can reach the value of heat passage coefficient of up to 0,8 W/m2K while maintaining heat passage amount of the sash of 0,7 W/m2K due to special insulating properties of the profile together with its optimized solution of the tightness of the entire installation.

You can enrich your living in a passive house as a result of having the top quality product SULKO ProfiAl Gold thanks to its contemporary looks, long service-life and extraordinary thermal insulating properties which can guarantee you peace of mind in terms of money and energy-savings.

SULKO ProfiAl Gold is equipped with a stop-seal system in black and standard glazing strips which are of a contemporary sloped design.

Technical specifications

  • Perfect insulating system
  • Ideal for passive houses
  1. 4-range seal-system with porous central gasket system for an unbeatable seal and tightness of the installation
  2. Flat-recessed frame and casement from the exterior
  3. Specially embedded thermos-modules in thermal bridges with a complete stop-seal system of the glazing groove.

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Perfect insulation system

Specially-filled insulators in the profile and glazing groove improve thermal insulating profile element even of up to Uf 0,7 W/m2K.

4-range seal profile system

The SULKO ProfiAl Gold Profile System is equipped with a 4-range -seal profile which greatly contributes to a better tightness of window.

180 degrees

The fittings Schuco Avan Tech Simply Smart enable a window opening of 180 degrees.

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