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SULKO ClassicAl Gold Aluminium window

SULKO Classic Al Gold can satisfy any demands in terms of both design and thermal insulation in its construction depth of 70 mm.

Exquisite product/price

The product range ClassicAl Gold belongs to the exclusive products of SULKO made of SCHUCO profiles which are seen as the best products worldwide.

Enhanced thermal insulation system

The profile range ClassicAl Gold with its construction depth of 70 mm reaches an exceptional heat passage coefficient of Uf= 1,6 W/m2K and therefore, easily complies with building regulations regarding both thermal performance and ventilation.

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Window profile with an ideal combination of performance and price

Thermal transmittance of elements of Uw [W/m2K] až 1,1
Thermal transmittance of sash of Uf [W/m2K] až 1,6
Acoustic insulating system of up to [dB] až 48
Construction depth of sash/casement [mm] 70/79
Visible width of sash/frame + casement [mm] 91
Maximum width of embedding of the glass sash/casement [mm] 53/62
2-range seal system profile 2
Appearance of glazing strips standard finish/an extra charge squared / arched / sloped

Product Description
Technical details:
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SULKO ClassicAl Gold Product Description

SULKO ClassicAl Gold can match any requirements regarding contemporary looks as well as thermal insulation systems with a construction depth of 70 mm. Thanks to its innovative thermal insulating system, it reaches an excellent heat passage coefficiency of Uf = 1,6 W/m2K. Enlarged thermal insulating profile zones with foam-filled insulators, optimal central gasket system and, last but not least, a new system of thermal insulation in the glazing groove that greatly strengthen the heat passage value.

Besides its great advantages such as long service-life, sturdiness and high stability at narrow visible widths, SULKO Classic Al Gold present a uniquely balanced premium product for your family home.

SULKO ClassicAl Gold is equipped with a stop-seal system in black colour and standard glazing strips which are of a contemporary sloped design.

Technical specifications

  • Bespoke product/ low price
  • Enhanced thermal insulation system
  1. 2 –range gasket system
  2. Flat-recessed sash and casement from the exterior
  3. Embedded thermo modules in thermal bridges

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Embedded Thermo-modules

Foam-filled insulators greatly contribute to a better heat passage coefficient and thus, it changes from Uf up to 1,6 W/m2K.

Innovative seal-system solution

Optimised centre gasket, together with innovative ways of sealing and insulation glazing rebate, combine to create a tight seal.

Flat-recessed Frames

Casements together with frames are flat-recessed from the peripheral side in the system of aluminium windows and therefore maintain a smooth, flush look.

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